Women at the Table

How does a human rights based approach fit with AI and its creation? How can we achieve more fair machine learning models?

The <AI & Equality> Human Rights Toolbox is a one-stop anti-bias and discrimination website that will house a stand-alone interactive learning tool, coding notebooks, and community engagement forum for university students and faculty to actively engage with data and Human Rights concepts in order to understand the linkages and impacts of algorithmic creation that better reflect human rights values.

Our goal

Our ultimate objective is to bring a university generation to understand the scientist’s unique potential of social impact in the real world,bridging science and human rights policy to foster systemic resilience + more equal, just, robust democracies. This will include real Life Blended Workshops and the Toolbox. In addition to the Women at the Table and OHCHR teams, the real life blended workshops will ultimately be taught by other human rights / legal experts jointly with computer science /machine learning faculty that will use the <AI & Equality> Human Rights Toolbox as a basic workshop structure to explore the concrete interplay of the two disciplines and a human rights based approach.

The project started with a conversation on AI & Gender with OHCHR and Professors from EPFL invited to  a lunch Roundtable in 2017.   In 2019 we piloted our first AI & Gender Human Rights Workshop.In collaboration with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), the EPFL Digital Humanities Lab, and EPFL Equalities Office.A further series of workshops took place at University College Dublin (UCD)in Spring 2021.

The Toolbox and its methodology was the subject of a 2021 EPFL Masters Thesis, and was presented at Women in Data Science retreats supported by the SNSF in the Jura, Zermatt,and in Zürich. 

Since then we have presented the Toolbox at MozFest 2022, done the workshop at Univeristy of Lausanne dh lab as part of its Critical Data Studies course, conceived  + delivered  a three part series in conjunction with CS and ethics researchers at Tu/e Eindhoven, given the workshop for Learning for Purpose/ Cambridge Gates Scholars at Cambridge University, and most recently at the Sorbonne AI Center SCAI for a multi-disciplinary cohort of PhDs.

You’ll see our  Data Science Lead present the technical part of the < AI&Equality > workshop at Art Meets Radical Openness (https://art-meets.radical-openness.org/  Festival hosted in Linz, Austria  in June 2022.

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