Women at the Table

Founded in 2019 The <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms is a global feminist coalition of technologists, activists and academics dedicated to the proposition that new algorithmic systems do not embed already biased systems into our collective futures, and new models must reach beyond mitigation of bias to actively correct for historic inequities in order to create a more inclusive future that enables robust, resilient and equal 21st century democracies.

The Problem

Particularly urgent given the scale at which Algorithmic Decision-Making (ADM) systems and machine learning are being deployed, we need Affirmative Action for Algorithms, to correct real life bias and barriers that prevent women from achieving their full participation and rights in the present, and in the future, we invent.

Call to Action

We can either seize the moment to correct bias in the digital realm, as we tackle bias in the analog world, or condemn ourselves to old bias baked into the future century of Algorithmic Decision-Making (ADM) that is trained by machine learning on biased data sets.

Strategic Goals                                                                                                                                  

Feminist AI = pro-social AI; designed with inclusion at the core, creating new opportunities & innovative correction of inequities. Feminist AI focuses on bringing social programs in line with 21st century research and values, dedicated to finding ways to make AI and emerging technologies gender-responsive, transformational, and more effective, not merely more ‘accurate’ and ‘efficient’.

With a strategy to harness AI to deliver equality outcomes, <A+> has a laser focus on creation of social and economic models of allocation/distribution now made more possible or more equitable through innovative use of data in Algorithmic Decision-Making Systems; systems that are  being deployed worldwide without thorough examination of gendered impacts or gender transformational opportunities. 


<A+> Alliance leads global strategic advocacy, and thought leadership for feminist AI to actively correct for the real life biases and barriers that prevent women and girls from achieving full participation and equal enjoyment of rights, advocating for a humanist feminist AI, inclusion, gender equality and women’s rights. We accomplish through:

  • Research leadership and excellence led by feminist technologists and thinkers.
  • Leadership in international, multilateral processes, and democratic governance 
    • Socialising feminist AI in global civil society
    • Advocating on algorithmic accountability of governments and the private sector by using UN international legal human rights frameworks and declarations on women’s rights 
    • Briefings for Member States, International Organizations, Treaty Bodies & Special Procedures
    • Original Research and position papers 
    • High level participation & inclusion of Accountability Principles and language in Working Groups: W7 Accountability; UN Guiding Principles for Tech & Gender; Gender Responsive Standards Initiatives
    • Active leadership in Generation Equality Action Coalition for Technology & Innovation for Gender Equality (2020-2025)

We connect the work and vision of data scientists and machine learning experts with social science, feminist and interdisciplinary researchers who dare to imagine and forge an inclusive and thriving future. We build coalitions and host network events to catalyze new systems thinking – with the plan of expanding to include global civil society partners, Member States, international organizations, universities, grassroots activists and a governance structure to advance strategic goals to create change.

In 2020 the <A+> Alliance was a Fast Company 2020 World Changing Idea in AI & Data and  nominated for a WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society) Award for International & Regional Cooperation.  In 2021, the <A+> Alliance was selected for the Paris Peace Forum as an example of a  new global governance.   

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